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Governor's Office of Appalachia

The Governor’s Office of Appalachia works to foster economic and community development and partnership endeavors to improve the lives of those living in the region.

As part of our mission, the office works to execute the Appalachian Regional Commission’s five goals in Ohio:

  • Invest in entrepreneurial and business development strategies that strengthen Appalachia’s economy;
  • Increase the education, knowledge, skills, and health of residents to work and succeed in Appalachia;
  • Invest in infrastructure, including broadband, transportation (including the Appalachian Development Highway System), and water/wastewater systems;
  • Strengthen Appalachia’s community and economic development potential by leveraging the Region’s natural and cultural heritage assets; and
  • Build the capacity and skills of current and next-generation leaders and organizations to advance community and economic development.


The mission of the Governor's Office of Appalachia is to support local, regional, state and federal initiatives that allow the people of Ohio's Appalachian region to attain economic prosperity.

Ohio's four Local Development Districts and the Governor's Office of Appalachia collaborate to prioritize projects in the state's Appalachian counties and to administer Appalachian Regional Commission and state project funds. They also partner with local organizations, agencies, and individuals working to foster economic growth and improve the quality of life for all citizens in the region.