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Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Program


To help clean up abandoned gas and service stations throughout Ohio.


The Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant will provide funding to assess and clean up BUSTR Class C sites (underground storage tanks with documented petroleum releases).

For Whom

Political subdivisions, including land banks that own a BUSTR Class C site or if a political subdivision does not own the property, the political subdivision may enter into a relevant agreement with the organization that owns the project property.

Program Contact

Office of Community Development, Timothy Allen, (614) 728-0461

How Much

Up to $500,000 for cleanup activities, including UST removal, cleanup of hazardous substances, demolition, and property clearance activities, and up to $100,000 for property assessment activities. The program offers two types of grants: Corrective Action/Assessment and Cleanup and Remediation. The maximum Corrective Action/Assessment grant award is $250,000, and may include property assessment activities and cleanup or remediation activities. The maximum Cleanup and Remediation grant award is $500,000, and is restricted to cleanup or remediation activities. Eligible applicants may apply for both a Corrective Action/Assessment grant and a Cleanup and Remediation grant for an eligible property, but total maximum funding may not exceed $100,000 for property assessment activities and $500,000 for cleanup or remediation activities for a single eligible property.

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Program Started

Winter 2016


House Bill 64, Section 235.10

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