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Volume Cap


The Volume Cap program provides tax-exempt, private activity bond financing to Ohio businesses.  The tax exemption enables projects to access capital at a lower interest rate, thereby facilitating a larger or more secure project.


The Volume Cap program provides for tax-exempt financing for mortgage, exempt facility, and other qualified private activity bonds for public/private collaboration. 

For Whom

Eligible projects include industrial development projects, redevelopment projects, agricultural projects, homeownership financing projects, multi-family housing development, and various other special project uses can include but are not limited to, solid waste disposal, mass commuting, and environmental enhancement, commonly referred to as exempt facilities.

Program Contact

Businesses interested in learning more about the program or to discuss the eligibility of a potential project should contact the Office of Strategic Business Investments at (614) 387-2117 or financialincentives@development.ohio.gov.

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