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Roadwork Development Grant


Roadwork Development (629) Grants are awarded for public roadwork improvements that support the expansion or attraction of businesses.


Eligible costs include widening, paving, road construction and reconstruction and right-of-way infrastructure improvements such as sewer or utility lines.

For Whom

Local governments, port authorities or companies

Program Contact

JobsOhio and the JobsOhio Network, the state's economic development organization, are responsible for the marketing, initial company contact, and company application process through grant approval. Companies interested in finding out more about the program or discussing a potential project that may qualify for the Roadwork Development Grant Program should click here to be directed to JobsOhio' s webpage.

The approved grants are managed by ODSA's Office of Strategic Business Investments. The program responsibilities include: drafting grant agreements, post-approval project/agreement servicing, disbursement of funds, upholding the terms and conditions of the grant agreement, reviewing annual jobs reports and providing technical support to existing grantees.

Existing Roadwork Development Grant Inquiries: Jennifer Spohr, (614) 466-4184

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