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Pre-Seed Fund Capitalization Program


The Pre-Seed/Seed Plus Capitalization Program increases the amount of investment capital available to support Ohio-based start-up and early stage companies It serves as a catalyst for the creation of high-paying technology jobs as well as the growth of new companies developing next-generation products and services within the Ohio Third Frontier’s targeted industry sectors (advanced manufacturing, biomedical, energy, life sciences, sensors, and information technology).


The Ohio Third Frontier provides financial support to professionally-managed angel capital and venture funds operating within the State. These conduit Funds, in turn, direct the State’s financing as well as its private capital to Ohio companies seeking investors at seed stage and early institutional fundraising rounds. For-profit investment funds receive state assistance in the form of a reduced-rate loans while non-profit funds are designed to be revolving.

For Whom

Angel capital and venture funds operating within Ohio.

Note: While the Ohio Third Frontier does not make direct investments into Ohio technology-enabled companies, funding may be available to via our network of supported pre-seed/seed plus capitalization partners.  To discuss investment opportunities, you are encouraged to connect directly with the Third Frontier supported Seed funds.

Program Contact

Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Diane Chime, (614) 995-7592
Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Michael McKay, (614) 644-9159

How Much

Awards to investment funds vary depending on the mix of pre-seed/seed amounts requested and the amount of private capital committed.

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