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Pre-Seed Fund Capitalization Program


The Pre-Seed Fund Capitalization Program works to accelerate the growth of early-stage Ohio technology companies. The program increases the number of professionally managed pre-seed funds in Ohio, increases the amount of early-stage capital being invested and builds a pipeline of technology company deal flow to attract venture capital firms both inside and outside Ohio.


ODSA provides loan funding to a number of new and existing, professionally managed pre-seed funds in Ohio. The pre-seed funds, in turn, fund the growth of promising early-stage technology companies.

For Whom

Early-stage Ohio companies that fall within the Ohio Third Frontier Targeted Industry Sectors (Advanced Materials, Aero Propulsion, Power Management, Agribusiness and Food Processing, Fuel Cells and Energy Storage, IT - Business/ Healthcare, Medical Technology, Sensing and Automation Technologies, Situational Awareness, Surveillance Systems, Solar Photovoltaics).

Program Contact

Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Michael McKay, (614) 644-9159

How Much

Varies; some companies may receive multiple rounds of investment.

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