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Enterprise Zones and Community Reinvestment Areas


Enterprise Zones (EZs) and Community Reinvestment Areas (CRAs) help communities generate new real estate investment /job creation projects.


Both EZs and CRAs allow local governments to exempt the new real property taxes (and, in limited cases, personal property taxes) generated from a proposed investment project in exchange for a job creation commitment. The zones and areas are defined geographical areas within which local communities can offer these tax exemptions.

For Whom

Private Businesses

Program Contact

Local communities (counties, municipalities and/or townships) administer these tax incentive programs, working directly with businesses on proposed projects to enter into agreements prior to construction.

General Program Inquiries: Contact the EZ or CRA administrator for the local jurisdiction where the project is planned.

Ohio Development Services Agency's program relationship is with the local communities, including (1) certifying zones or areas, (2) acting as a clearinghouse for the tax incentive agreements, (3) generating and collecting the annual reports, and (4) providing technical support to local communities. General Inquiries: Daniel Strasser, (614) 728-6778

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