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Tax Increment Financing


Tax Increment Financing (TIF) helps local governments install public infrastructure to support their development projects.


Exempts all of the new real property tax revenue from a project and redirects those taxes into a special fund used to pay for new infrastructure.

For Whom

Municipalities, Townships and Counties

Program Contact

Local communities (counties, municipalities and/or townships) administer these tax incentive programs, working directly with businesses on proposed projects to enter into agreements prior to construction. General Program Inquiries: contact the local economic development office/professional for the local jurisdiction or county where the project is planned.

The Ohio Development Services Agency's program relationship is with the local communities, including (1) acting as a clearinghouse for the TIF agreements, (2) generating and collecting the annual reports, and (3) providing technical support to local communities. Any Inquiries call: Daniel Strasser, (614) 728-6778

How Much

A TIF may exempt up to 100 percent of the incremental property taxes for a period of up to 30 years with school board approval. TIFs may only exempt 75 percent of the new taxes for 10 years without school board approval.

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