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Access to capital is critical in growing and sustaining a business, but traditional financing can be difficult to secure and many private investors are hesitant to invest in small companies. InvestOhio encourages investors to make cash contributions to small businesses by providing a tax credit against the investment value.


Provides a tax credit of up to 10 percent of cash investment made in an Ohio-based small business. The small business receiving the funds must reinvest the cash into defined allowable expenses. Investors must maintain their equity interest in the company for a two-year holding period.

For Whom

Any individual or investment fund with Ohio Taxable Income investing in an eligible Ohio-based Small Business Enterprise.

Program Contact

Office of Strategic Business Investments, Normy Fehrman, 614-466-4211

How Much

10 percent tax credit (up to $1 million) to investors that make a cash investment into an Ohio-based small business.

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