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Local Government Innovation Fund


The Local Government Innovation Fund was created to help make government services in Ohio simpler, faster, better and less costly. By participating, communities will be able to save money and provide more effective services to their constituents.


The Local Government Innovation Fund provides grant, loan and scholarship awards via two programs: the Local Government Innovation Program (LGIP) and the Local Government Efficiency Program (LGEP). The LGIP makes awards for plans and projects that create more efficient service delivery at the local level. The LGEP makes awards for training and implementing efficiency programs. Both programs are overseen by the Local Government Innovation Council.

For Whom

Grants and loans are made to qualified political subdivisions or groups of qualified political subdivisions. Scholarships are available for employees of political subdivisions.

Program Contact

Office of Strategic Business Investments, Diane Alecusan, ( 614) 728-1229

How Much

The maximum grant from the LGIP is $50,000 and the maximum loan amount is $100,000 per entity, up to $500,000. The maximum grant award for the LGEP is $100,000, and for scholarships is $2,000 per individual.

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