Small Business Development Center Success Story Submission Form

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Purpose:The Success Story Submission Form is intended for use by the Ohio Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Director and/or Business Advisor to describe the success of a small business through economic impact and metrics. The success story will highlight the assistance of the local SBDC, partners and programs/services that are partially funded through the Ohio Development Services Agency. Each section has a template followed by a review self-check, which outlines criteria relevant to that section.

Company Profile
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1) What is the business and why do they need assistance from the Small Business Development Center?
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2) What assistance was provided to the business and what impact did it have on the company?
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3) Company Progress and Status
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4) Upload the below documents if any of the following are being submitted to your story:
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5) Does the Ohio Development Services Agency have permission to share this success story?

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For additional questions and/or comments, call 614-466-5188 or contact Abigail Kaselak at
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