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Trenton Industrial Park

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In 2012, the Trenton Industrial Park, located in the city of Trenton, Butler County, Ohio, was selected as a fourth funding round awardee and received an Ohio Job Ready Site grant in the amount of $750,000.

The City of Trenton is a community of approximately 12,000 in Butler County between Middletown and Hamilton in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Statistical Area.  There is a long history of productive manufacturing in the region, with an ample workforce and numerous educational and training facilities nearby.

The Trenton Industrial Park was established by the City from an original purchase of about 184 Acres; 19.955 Acres were sold for an Army Reserve Training Center which opened in 2013.  The Park was assisted in its road infrastructure by a Job Ready Sites grant for $750,000, and the City determined to pursue Certification of the Park as a manufacturing site, achieving this in 2015.  The Park is well located, has essentially flat topography, and especially, offers some of the best water service capabilities in the country.

Considerable infrastructure work has been completed.  Wayne Madison Road has been widened and improved across the frontage of the Park. This is the City’s portion of the widening of the entire length of this road programmed by the Butler County Engineer for access to four-lane State Route 4; about one-third of the widening is done, including the Great Miami River bridge.  The City has relocated and improved Kennel Road through the Park using the Job Ready Sites grant.  This road provides additional access to the Park, and may be used as part of a bypass around Trenton at some time in the future.  Both of these projects were constructed in 2014.

Two utility extensions were done in 2010:  a 6” gas line and an 8” sanitary sewer line, both to serve the Army Reserve Training Center but also to serve other buyers in the Park.  A trunk sanitary sewer is on the property to the north, and 12” water mains and fiber optic serve the site.

The City intends to sell or lease property to future users as their needs may be through its non-profit arm, the Trenton Community Improvement Corporation.  Should a very large user desire the entire 155 Acres, such a purchase is possible.

Rail service can be brought to the property if desired by a user.  The best possible alignment has been determined and is an extension of the MillerCoors Trenton Brewery spur (this facility is directly across Wayne Madison Road from the Park).  The spur connects to CSX’s Cincinnati-Toledo main line.

The Park is a part of Butler County’s Enterprise Zone.  Marketing is the responsibility of the City and also a commercial realtor.  Property sales are done through the Trenton Community Improvement Corporation.

This property is ideally located between the international Dayton and Cincinnati airports, about an hour away from each, with easy access to 4-lane highways and I-75, and 39 miles from the Ohio River.  The topography is almost completely flat, making for easy shovel-ready construction.  All utilities are in place.  And again, the water services available from the City of Trenton and also from the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer, are among the best in the United States.