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Tech Town Smart Office Building

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In 2008, the Tech Town Smart Office Building, located in the city of Dayton (Montgomery County), received an Ohio Job Ready Site grant in the amount of $5 million.

The city of Dayton completed the construction of a new building and completed additional improvements to the site to meet the certification requirements of the Smart Office category of the Ohio Job Ready Site program.

The city of Dayton is in Montgomery County along the Miami River and Mad River. With a population of over 141,000 residents, Dayton is part of the fourth largest metropolitan area in Ohio.

The 5.5-acre Tech Town Smart Office Building is part of the Tech Town Technology Campus in Downtown Dayton. The Tech Town site was developed in 1919 to support the General Motors Delphi Harrison Radiator Facility, and operations continued at the site until 1996. The city has been working with the United States and Ohio Environmental Protection Agencies on the cleanup and remediation of the site. The city also received two Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund grants to aid in the demolition and cleanup of the former General Motors facility.

The site is accessible via Monument Avenue and Taylor Street, and less than a quarter-mile from the Interstate 75 and Expressway 4 interchange. It is located in Dayton’s hub for Aerospace Innovation and is minutes from Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the University of Dayton Research Institute. The site’s location near the country’s leading Research and Development facilities and highway access allows its future employers to draw a workforce from across the metropolitan region.

Prior to the Job Ready Site award, redevelopment challenges to the Tech Town Smart Office Building site included the need to complete environmental remediation, improve parking and roadwork throughout the site, and construction of a new building. Grant funding from the Ohio Job Ready Site allowed the city of Dayton to make significant improvements to the 5.5-acre Tech Town Smart Office Building Job Ready Site, which now is optimal for office, laboratory, and prototype development operations.

Improvements were made to complete the construction of a 54,000-square-foot smart office building with LEED Gold certification. New internal roads and parking lots were added to the site for the new building. The site is zoned Urban Business District which allows for office and commercial uses. The site is owned by Tech Town New Market, Inc., an entity of CityWide Development, who manages and markets the building and the entire Tech Town campus. The improvements made to the site ensure businesses that Dayton, Tech Town New Market, Inc., and CityWide Development are ready to accommodate their next project.