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SciTech Campus

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Started in 1996, the 53-acre SciTech Campus is located on the West Campus of The Ohio State University at 1245 - 1305 Kinnear Road in the City of Columbus. The Job Ready Site project has allowed for the development of 230,000 square feet of flexible office, laboratory, and test manufacturing space. The campus is home to national and local research and development companies involved in a variety of projects including life science, nanotechnology, materials development, and start-up incubation. Companies located on the campus are able to leverage their research and development activities with top-of-the-line amenities offered by the Science and Technology Campus Corporation, The Ohio State University, and other companies located in the 315 Technology and Research Corridor.

A challenge of this site, prior to the Job Ready Site award, was its lack of available utilities and the need to renovate existing building space into usable office and research facilities. A $2,334,992 Job Ready Site grant has allowed the Science and Technology Campus Corporation to make significant improvements to the SciTech Campus and its 230,000-square-foot Job Ready Site. The site is controlled and zoned, and can accommodate a variety of office and research tenant build-outs. Improvements were made to upgrade water lines, renovate an existing mattress factory into research and development shell space, and increase the available parking at the site. The improvements made to the site ensure end-users that The SciTech Campus can accommodate a rapid start-up timeline.