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Mound Advanced Technology Center

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In 2010, the Mound Advanced Technology Center, located in the city of Miamisburg, was selected as a third funding round awardee and received an Ohio Job Ready Site grant in the amount of $1,217,000 and a Roadwork Development grant in the amount of $2,283,000.

The Mound Development Corporation, formerly the Miamisburg Mound Community Improvement Corporation, completed improvements to the site to meet the certification requirements of the Technical Center and Research Laboratory category of the Ohio Job Ready Site program.

The city of Miamisburg is approximately ten miles southwest of Dayton in Montgomery County along the Great Miami River. The growing city with a population of over 20,000 residents retains a small-town feel while remaining minutes from downtown Dayton.

The 64-acre Mound Advanced Technology Center sits atop an elevated area and overlooks the Great Miami River and Miamisburg’s downtown. The site is part of the 306-acre former U.S. Department of Energy Mound site. The Mound site was developed in 1946 to support the early atomic weapons programs and evolved into an integrated research, development, and production facility that ceased operations in 2003. Since 1998, the Mound Development Corporation has purchased several parcels of the former Mound site and has been working with the Department of Energy to transition the site into a technology and industrial park.

The site is accessible via Mound Road from the east and Dayton Cincinnati Pike from the west.  The site is less than four miles from Interstate 75 and less than six miles from Interstate 675. The site’s location and transportation access allows its future employers to draw a workforce from across the region.

Prior to the Job Ready Site award, redevelopment challenges to the Mound Advanced Technology Center included the need to complete environmental remediation, improve utilities and roadwork throughout the site, and renovate buildings. Grant funding from the Ohio Job Ready Site allowed the Mound Development Corporation to make significant improvements to the 64-acre Mound Advanced Technology Center Job Ready Site, which now is optimal for technical and research laboratory operations.

Improvements were made to complete remediation of the site's environmental contamination issues to allow technology and industrial park development on the site. Additional work completed on the site included the construction of approximately 4,990 linear feet of roadway connecting the north and south entrances of the site and providing access to additional parcels for development. Two obsolete buildings were demolished to create additional parking for the occupied buildings. Building improvements were made to another building. All utilities were extended into to the site to provide access to the utilities at the available development parcels. The site is zoned for general industrial use and owned by the Mound Development Corporation or the Department of Energy who has entered a sales agreement with the Mound Development Corporation to transfer the remaining parcels the Department owns to Mound Development Corporation in the future. The improvements made to the site ensure businesses that Miamisburg, Mound Development Corporation, and the Mound Advanced Technology Center are ready to accommodate their next project.