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Eastwood Commerce Center

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In 2006, the Ohio Department of Development sought proposals for the first $60 million round of awards and received 63 applications. The Eastwood Commerce Center, located in Troy Township, was selected as a first funding round awardee and received an Ohio Job Ready Site grant in the amount of $2,617,066.

Troy Township is located south of the intersection of Interstates 80 and 280, approximately 15 miles southeast of Toledo. The Eastwood Commerce Center is located at the intersection of US Routes 23/20 and Ohio Route 420. With recent modifications to the intersection of US Route 23/20 and Ohio Route 420, ground accessibility to Interstate 80 has improved. The location and transportation access allows the area employers to draw from a broad labor shed, stretching along Interstate 80 and Interstate 75 and US 23/20.

The Job Ready Site grant allowed the Northwestern Water and Sewer District to make significant improvements to the Eastwood Commerce Center and its 450-acre Job Ready Site, which is optimal for a large manufacturing operation. The site is controlled, zoned for industrial use, and is bordered by a CSX rail mainline with room for side rails to serve the property. Improvements were made to extend sanitary sewer and water to the site. To the south of the site is an electrical power station with an electrical transmission line and substation as well as a natural gas line. The existing infrastructure and improvements completed through the grant ensure end-users that the Eastwood Commerce Center can accommodate a rapid start-up timeline.

These improvements opened additional land to the south for industrial development, including a 500-acre property. This site could also be serviced by the CSX rail spur. Between the 450-acre Job Ready Site and adjacent site, approximately 950 acres are available for manufacturing and industrial development.