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EastPointe Business Park

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In 2006, the Ohio Department of Development sought proposals for the first, $60 million round of awards and received 63 applications. The EastPointe Business Park, located in the City of Zanesville, was selected as a first funding round awardee and received an Ohio Job Ready Site grant in the amount of $4,082,668.

Zanesville is located 55 miles east of downtown Columbus along Interstate 70. Positioned along the Muskingum River, Zanesville has long been the commercial and geographic center for Mideast Ohio. Zanesville's population is more than 25,000, and its location and transportation access allows its employers to draw from a broad laborshed.

The 1,200-acre EastPointe Business Park is located three miles northeast of downtown Zanesville, adjacent to the rail line with quick access to Interstate 70 via State Route 93. Companies such as Avon Products, Inc., The Bilco Company, The Dollar General Corporation, and the New Bakery Company of Ohio, Inc. developed facilities in the EastPointe Business Park, taking advantage of the area's superior location and workforce.

A challenge throughout this region is the undulating topography. As the EastPointe Business Park continued to expand, the remaining large tracts of land required significant earthwork to create a site suitable for industrial operations. Moreover, the Park's access was becoming bottlenecked, and limited wastewater capacity restricted the park to distribution and light industrial operations.

The $4,082,668 Job Ready Site grant allowed the Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority to make significant improvements to the EastPointe Business Park and its 295-acre Job Ready Site, which now includes a fully-graded 100-acre building pad, optimal for a large manufacturing operation. The site's access road was looped, providing better traffic circulation throughout the park. The Park's southern road was improved, providing a second entrance to State Route 93. A pump station and large sewer main were installed from the park to a trunk line near the river, coinciding with an expansion at the City of Zanesville's wastewater treatment facility.