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Cuyahoga Valley Industrial Center

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In 2008, the Cuyahoga Valley Industrial Center, located in the city of Cleveland, was selected as a second funding round awardee and received an Ohio Job Ready Site grant in the amount of $3,500,000 and a Roadwork Development grant in the amount of $1,500,000.

The city of Cleveland is in northeast Ohio along Lake Erie. Cleveland is within a day’s drive of over half of all Fortune 500 headquarters and provides quick access to Canada. The region also provides a vast logistics network with access via deep water ports, three class 1 railroad providers, five interstate highways, and two commercial airports. Cleveland's population is just over 396,000 and is part of a metropolitan area with a population over 2 million.

The 59-acre Cuyahoga Valley Industrial Center Job Ready Site is located three miles from the Cleveland’s downtown and is directly adjacent to Interstate 77 with 0.75 miles of interstate frontage. The site is accessible via two exits off of Interstate 77 and has direct rail service. Access to the Cuyahoga River dockage is available across Independence Road within a half-mile of the site. The site’s location and transportation access allows its future employers to draw a workforce from across the region.

Prior to the Job Ready Site award, redevelopment challenges to the Cuyahoga Valley Industrial Center included remediating environmental contamination and the access to the site via both truck road and railroad access. Grant funding from the Ohio Job Ready Site and Roadwork Development Programs allowed the city of Cleveland to make significant improvements to the 59-acre Cuyahoga Valley Industrial Center Job Ready Site, which now is optimal for manufacturing operations.

Improvements were made to remediate the site's environmental contamination issues to allow commercial and industrial development on the site. Additional work completed on the site includes roadway upgrades, repair to the railroad bridge to re-establish rail service, extension of utilities, importing of soil materials, and extensive earthwork. The grant allowed the city to make significant improvements to the Cuyahoga Valley Industrial Center, which is optimal for a manufacturing operation with nearly 59 acres of land available and all utility lines in place. The site is controlled, zoned, and available for sale in 10-59 acre lots. The improvements made to the site ensure businesses that the city of Cleveland and the Cuyahoga Valley Industrial Center are ready to accommodate their next expansion project.