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Bluestone Business Park

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In early 2008, the Ohio Department of Development sought proposals for the second, $48 million round of awards and received 57 applications. The Bluestone Business Park, located in the City of Euclid, was selected as a second funding round awardee and received an Ohio Job Ready Site grant in the amount of $3.5 million and an $800,000 Roadwork Development grant.

The City of Euclid is located approximately 15 minutes east of downtown Cleveland along Interstate 90 and State Route 2. Euclid is also located near the northern end of Interstate 271, which provides easy access to all of Cleveland's eastern suburbs and to central and southern Ohio via Interstates 71 and 77. Euclid's population is just over 52,000, and its location and transportation access allows its employers to draw a workforce from across Northeast Ohio. Euclid's newly redeveloped Bluestone Business Park also possesses a significant advantage in rail service by being adjacent to and served by both CSX and Norfolk Southern, two of the largest railroad system operators in the eastern United States.

Prior to the Job Ready Site award, redevelopment challenges to the Bluestone Business Park included remediating environmental contamination and the 650,000 square foot foundation that remained from the original 1940's manufacturing facility. Grant funding from the Ohio Job Ready Site and Roadwork Development Programs allowed Ray Fogg Building Methods, Inc. and the City of Euclid to make significant improvements to the 80-acre Bluestone Business Park Job Ready Site, which now is optimal for manufacturing operations.

Improvements were made to remediate the site's environmental contamination issues, which resulted in the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency issuing a Covenant Not to Sue in December 2009. Additional work completed on the site includes the creation of an access road into the site, extension of utilities, and excavation and crushing of embedded concrete for reuse. The improvements made to the site ensure businesses that the City of Euclid and the Bluestone Business Park are ready to accommodate their next expansion.