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 CRA #Community NameCRA Name
Pre1994 CRA #137-18014-02 COLUMBUS GROVECommunity Reinvestment Area #1-Village of Columbus Grove
  CRA #137-18504-01 CONTINENTALContinental CRA
  CRA #137-22974-01 DUPONTDupont CRA
  CRA #137-30114-01 GILBOAGILBOA CRA
  CRA #137-30282-01 GLANDORFGlandorf CRA
  CRA #137-39536-01 KALIDAKALIDA CRA
Pre1994 CRA #137-42602-03 LEIPSICCommunity Reinvestment Area #1
Pre1994 CRA #137-42602-05 LEIPSICCommunity Reinvestment Area #3
Pre1994 CRA #137-42602-07 LEIPSICCommunity Reinvestment Area #5
  CRA #137-42602-02 LEIPSICLeipsic CRA #8
  CRA #137-50358-01 MILLER CITYMiller City Community Reinvestment Area
Pre1994 CRA #137-59738-02 PANDORACommunity Reinvestment Area #1-Village of Pandora
CRA #137-58982-107 Village of OttawaVillage of Ottawa CRA

Results: 44 ACTIVE Agreement(s)

 CRA NoAgmnt NoCompanyCountySchool DistrictLocal Jurisdiction
select 137-58982-10715-002Accu Properties LLCPutnam Ottawa
select 15115-002Accu Properties LLCPutnamOttawa-GlandorfOTTAWA
select 137-18014-0116-000Axe-Handle LLCPutnamColumbus Grove SD & Apollo Career CenterCOLUMBUS GROVE
select 137-58982-10716-000Benchmark Drilling LLCPutnam Ottawa
select 15116-000Benchmark Drilling LLCPutnamOttawa/Gandorf SDOTTAWA
select 15115-003DG & LG Properties LLC dba Industrial Millwright Services LLCPutnamOttawa-Glandorf School DistrictOTTAWA
select 137-58982-10715-003DG & LG Properties LLC dba Industrial Millwright Services LLCPutnam Ottawa
select 137-18014-0113-001Earl Recker, DDS, Inc.Putnam COLUMBUS GROVE
select 137-59052-0117-000Geise Properties LLC dba GEISE Transmission, Inc.PutnamOttoville SDOTTOVILLE
select 137-30282-0115-500Glandorf Feed CompanyPutnamOttawa-GlandorfGLANDORF
select 137-18014-0114-001Glynwood Management & Development Co., LTDPutnam COLUMBUS GROVE
select 137-58982-10715-000Hirzel Canning CompanyPutnamOttawa/Glandorf SDOTTAWA
select 137-58982-10717-000Hirzel Canning Company - 2017Putnam Ottawa
select 15117-000Hirzel Canning Company - 2017PutnamOttawa/Gandorf SDOTTAWA
select 137-42602-0210-001Iams CompanyPutnam LEIPSIC
select 137-39536-0114-001JJK Kahle LLC DBA B-K TOOL & DESIGN, INC.Putnam KALIDA
select 137-39536-0117-000JJK Kahle LLC, dba B-K Tool & Design, Inc.PutnamKalida Local SDKALIDA
select 137-39536-0113-001JJK Kahle, LLC dba B-K Tool & DesignPutnam KALIDA
select 137-42602-0108-001KAHLE COMPANY dba K&L Ready MixPutnam LEIPSIC
select 137-39536-0110-001Kahle LLC (B-K Tool & Design)Putnam KALIDA
select 137-39536-0107-001KALIDA MANUFACTURING, INC.Putnam KALIDA
select 137-39536-0108-002Kalida Manufacturing, Inc.Putnam KALIDA
select 137-39536-0112-001Kalida Manufacturing, Inc.Putnam KALIDA
select 137-39536-0113-002Kalida Manufacturing, Inc.Putnam KALIDA
select 137-39536-0111-001Kalida Manufacturing, Inc. (KMI)Putnam KALIDA
select 137-18014-0117-000L.P. Investment Co. IIPutnamColumbus Grove SD & Apollo Career CenterCOLUMBUS GROVE
select 137-18014-0111-001L.P. Investment Co. II/Production Products, Inc.Putnam COLUMBUS GROVE
select 137-39536-0116-000Makeh Land Holdings LLC dba Hekam Trucking, Inc.PutnamKalida Local SDKALIDA
select 137-18014-0109-001Mark & Laurie Kohls - Subway, DBA Morning Star Management, LLCPutnam COLUMBUS GROVE
select 137-58982-10715-001Ottawa Feed & Grain Company, Inc.PutnamOttawa-Glandorf Local SD 
select 137-59738-0111-001Pandora Grain & Supply, Inc.Putnam PANDORA
select 137-42602-0212-001Patrick Products, Inc./Patrick Holdings, Inc.Putnam LEIPSIC
select 137-42602-0218-000Pro-Tec Coating CompanyPutnamLeipsic SDLEIPSIC
select 137-42602-0210-002Pro-Tec Coating Company, Inc.Putnam LEIPSIC
select 137-42602-0109-001Proctor & Gamble - The Iams CompanyPutnam LEIPSIC
select 137-42602-0211-002Putnam Enterprises, LLCPutnam LEIPSIC
select 137-39536-0113-003Remlinger Manufacturing Company, Inc.Putnam KALIDA
select 137-39536-0110-002Remlinger Manufacturing Company, Inc.Putnam KALIDA
select 137-39536-0110-003Triple D Enterprises, LLCPutnam KALIDA
select 137-18014-0116-001Union Bank CompanyPutnamColumbus Grove SD & Apollo Career CenterCOLUMBUS GROVE
select 137-39536-0108-001UNVERFERTH MANUFACTURING COPutnam KALIDA
select 137-39536-0111-003Unverferth Manufacturing CompanyPutnam KALIDA
select 137-18504-0112-001Winkle Realty, LLC dba H&K Chevy-Buick, Inc.Putnam CONTINENTAL

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