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Ohio High School Equivalence Program


Kevin Williams
Assistant Director
Ohio Options for Adult diploma and Ohio High School Equivalence
(614) 644-5927


Get a high school diploma


To receive credit for high school level knowledge, through testing, you may qualify for a Certificate of High School Equivalence Diploma.  This Certificate Diploma can be used for job or military qualification or advanced education.

For Whom

Ohio residents who are 18 years of age and older. Applicants who are 16, 17, and 18 years of age require additional documentation for approval.

How Much

Each vendor has a separate cost; however, the State of Ohio provides a $80 voucher code per vendor for Ohio residents who are first time test takers. The cost breakdown is as follows:

GED® $120.00 ($80 voucher code) = $40.00 for the full battery of tests
HiSET $90.00 ($80 voucher code) = $10.00 for the full battery of tests
TASC $92.00 ($80 voucher code) = $12.00 for the full battery of tests

Payments are made electronically through the vendor of choices website once the application has been entered into the system. Voucher codes can be retrieved  by contacting one of the Career Technical Planning District offices.

There is no specified time limit for an adult learner to complete all the testing requirements to earn the Certificate of High School Equivalence Diploma.

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