Ohio Opportunities for New Americans


Creating a Stronger Ohio

By executive order, Gov. John R. Kasich created the Office of Opportunities for New Americans and the New Americans Advisory Committee in May 2018. These entities aim to help new  and current immigrants do their part for our great state and better integrate into the fabric of their communities.

The Office of Opportunities for New Americans is part of the Development Services Agency and focuses on making sure new Ohioans are job ready by coordinating existing efforts at the state level, communicating with immigrant support groups and by identifying and tearing down barriers that prevent or impede immigrants' integration into society and economic success.

The 12-member advisory committee provides guidance to the Office of Opportunities for New Americans and is comprised of representatives of immigrant communities, business leaders, and non-profit organizations. They will be joined in their discussions by officials from the Ohio departments of Education, Higher Education, Job and Family Services, Commerce, Development Services Agency and Office of Workforce Transformation.

New Americans Video Playlist

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