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To:  PIPP Plus Stakeholders
Subject: Percentage Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP Plus) Rules Review

The Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) staff has been working closely with the staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to coordinate the review of the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP Plus) rules related to gas and electric utilities. Both agencies have reviewed the rules and prepared suggested changes, which are now open for public comment and review. ODSA and PUCO have coordinated not only the substance of the rules for both agencies, but have also coordinated the process related to comment on the rules.

Rules pertaining to the PIPP Plus Program administered by ODSA are contained in Chapter 122:5-3, O.A.C. Stakeholders previously provided ODSA feedback on the rules at a March 5, 2013 workshop, and stakeholder feedback was considered as ODSA staff reviewed proposed rule revisions with PUCO staff. The proposed changes to Chapters 122:5-3, O.A.C. are posted here. A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) has also been prepared and is posted here.

The PUCO similarly proposed changes to Chapters 4901:1-17 and 4901:1-18, O.A.C. and prepared a BIA, all of which are available on the PUCO's docketing website under Case No. 13-274-AU-ORD. They can also be found here.    

As a way to streamline the comment process, ODSA and PUCO are requesting that individuals interested in providing comments on the PIPP Plus provisions contained within the rules of either ODSA or PUCO adhere to the following process:

  • All comments for ODSA Chapter 122:5-3, O.A.C. and PUCO Chapters 4901:1-17 and 4901:1-18, O.A.C., should be contained in one document for ease of joint staff review.
  • Recognizing that Chapters 122:5-3 and 4901:1-18, O.A.C. contain both PIPP Plus rules that relate to the ODSA and PUCO, as well as non-PIPP Plus rules, the comments should be organized into three sections as follows:
    • Section I should address the PIPP Plus rules contained in Chapters 122:5-3 and 4901:1-18, O.A.C. This section should be organized to address the rules unique to the ODSA and PUCO separately, and those rules in common between the two agencies jointly. All comments in Section I should include references to the specific ODSA or PUCO rule provision.
    • Section II should address the non-PIPP Plus rules contained in PUCO's Chapter 4901:1-17, O.A.C.
    • Section III should address the non-PIPP Plus rules contained in ODSA's Chapter 122:5-3.

Interested parties should submit comments concerning the rules via one of the following methods:

All comments must clearly state in the header that they are to be filed in connection with the PUCO's Case No. 13-274-AU-ORD, and they will all appear in the PUCO's docketing system. Any comments sent directly to OSDA's email listed above will be forwarded to the PUCO for inclusion in the master comments collected by the PUCO.

Once the public comment period is closed, ODSA and the PUCO will review and address the comments relevant to their section of the rules.

Comments should be filed by July 12, 2013. Reply Comments should be filed by August 2, 2013.