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Privacy Notice and Policies

Privacy Statement

Revised August 2021

The Ohio Department of Development internet site (www.development.ohio.gov and all sites ending in development.ohio.gov) is a service provided by the Ohio Department of Development (Development). Development recognizes the importance of privacy to our website visitors. This Privacy Statement and Policies applies only to www.development.ohio.gov and all sites ending in development.ohio.gov. Any other State of Ohio website not provided by Development (ending in ohio.gov but with no agency name preceding it or a different agency name preceding the ohio.gov) is maintained by another Ohio government agency and is governed by the policies of that agency.

Visitors to www.development.ohio.gov should be aware of the following information and policies:

Types of Information Being Collected and Use of the Information

General Usage Statistics:

Development collects general usage statistics for its websites used to measure traffic to our program and divisional website pages and determine the paths users take to access that information. The information collected may include:

  • Internet protocol (IP) address of the individual computer or proxy server making the request,
  • Type of internet browser or computer operating system you are using
  • Date and time you accessed the site,
  • Webpages visited on the site, or
  • Internet address of the site from which you may have linked to the site.

Incoming Inquiries via Online Forms and Email:

Unsolicited inquiries to Development are logged and then forwarded to the appropriate person within Development. The logged information includes all information the user submits and also includes the general usage statistics as described above.

Personally identifiable information provided to Development through on-line forms may not be private. That information may be subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act. Please do not submit sensitive personally identifiable information such as social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or medical or financial information through our contact form.  

Incoming inquiries may from time to time be analyzed to provide information or to determine the volume of interest for the inquiry group to which the message is directed.

How Development Collects Information:

Users of certain programs or services of Development may be required to report information periodically. Some users will be directed to specially designed pages of Development's website for reporting of the required information. In any case that a person is required to submit information to Development, the type of information being used and the use of that information will be consistent with applicable requirements of the program or agreement between the parties, regardless of the collection mechanism.


A cookie may be created which may link your computer to Development's website. Cookies may be used when necessary to complete a transaction, to process data submitted to Development online or to facilitate ongoing Internet interaction.

Public Records and Protection of Confidential Personal Information

As a general rule, personally identifiable information that may be collected by Development through its websites, including names and addresses, is not private. Development is subject to the Ohio's Public Records Act, and records maintained by Development are made available for inspection and copying upon request unless a legal exception applies. For example, if you use the website to submit an inquiry, your message will be a record available for public inspection. Please refer to the Development Public Records Policy.

The Public Records Act contains exceptions that protect some records from public disclosure and Ohio law treats certain personally identifiable information as confidential. Development generally does not collect confidential personal information through pages on the website that are accessible to the public.

In some cases, Development may collect confidential personal information or confidential business information through web forms. In those cases, Development implements security procedures to protect confidential personal information and confidential business information from unauthorized disclosure in the transmission of that information through the Internet. Development also takes steps, as required by Ohio Revised Code 1347.15 and has adopted Ohio Administrative Code 122-6-01, to maintain confidential personal information and confidential business information in its systems. Please refer to the Development CPI Privacy Policy.

Access and Dispute of Information Rights

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code sections 149.43, 1347.08 and 1347.09, users have rights to their personal information given through Development's website. Those rights relate to inspecting, correcting and disputing the veracity of personal information. These rights are applicable to any personal information collected, used or maintained on this website. To further inquire, please contact Development's Chief Information Officer. Written correspondence may be sent to:

Chief Information Officer
Ohio Development Services Agency
77 S. High Street, 27th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215


Any questions concerning this Privacy Statement may be directed to Development's Legal Office. The Legal Office may be contacted by clicking here or by telephone at (614) 466-5587.