About  |  David Goodman, Director, Ohio Development Services Agency


David Goodman was appointed Director of the Ohio Development Services Agency by Governor John R. Kasich, effective March 18, 2013. Goodman joined Development Services from the Ohio Department of Commerce where he served as Director from 2011-2013.

Goodman is a dedicated public servant with a proven record of effective advocacy and leadership. In 2001, Goodman was seated in the Ohio Senate, where he served as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for Civil Justice, through which important tort and corporate governance reform initiatives were shepherded. Additionally, Goodman served on the Ways and Means and Economic Development Committee; the Environment Committee; and the Committee on Health, Human Services and Aging.

Born in Bexley, Ohio, Goodman began his career in public service as an Assistant Attorney General for the state of Ohio. In 1995, Goodman ran for and was elected to Bexley City Council, where he played a key role in enacting legislation that increased competition among utility providers to lower rates for Bexley residents. In 1998, Goodman was appointed to serve the remainder of an unexpired term in the Ohio House of Representatives and was elected to a full term later that year.

Goodman is a graduate of Bexley High School, Miami University and the Case Western Reserve University College of Law.

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