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Local Government Innovation Fund (LGIF) Round 7

Program Control Number Grant or Loan Lead Applicant Project Name Award Amount
LGIP G07‐001 Grant Circle Heights & South Euclid as Lead Circle Heights Alliance Shared
Economic Development District Study
LGIP G07‐003 Grant City of Monroe Fire Department Joint Resources and Response
Committee Shared Services Analysis
LGIP G07‐004 Grant City of Oakwood S‐CFWN $100,000
LGIP G07‐013 Grant Geauga County Educational Service Center Geauga County Facility Re‐ purposing Project $100,000
LGIP G07‐014 Grant Henry County General
Health District
Shared Public Health Services in
Northwest Ohio
LGIP G07‐016 Grant Meigs County Community Improvement Corporation Meigs County Digital Works $100,000
LGIP G07‐020 Grant Putnam County, Ohio,
Board of County Commissioners
Establishment of Regional Water
& Sewer District
LGIP G07‐021 Grant Tri‐Rivers Educational
Computer Association
Shared Legal Services $85,000
LGIP G07‐022 Grant Trumbull County Engineer Study to develop of the use of
CNG in Trumbull County governments
LGIP G07‐025 Grant Wood County Port Authority Rossford City/School Shared
Administrative Offices and Services
LGIP L07‐001 Loan Jefferson Township Mercer County Bridge/Culvert
Building Wing
LGIP L07‐002 Loan Mercer County
Mercer County Engineer
Administrative Office
LGIP L07‐003 Loan Mercer County Engineer Mercer County Vehicle
Maintenance Building Wing