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Local Government Innovation Fund (LGIF) Round 18

Project Name Lead Applicant Program Type Project Amount Approval Date
Cross-Sector Collaboration for Career Readiness Tri-State STEM School Collaborative LGIP Grant $41,500 11/17/16
Community Corrections Plan Update & Jail Needs Assessment Study Ashtabula County Commissioners LGIP Grant $50,000 11/17/16
Ross County Route 104 Sanitary Sewer System Feasibility Study Ross County Commissioners LGIP Grant $37,800 11/17/16
Water System Planning, Shared Services Study Village of Centerburg LGIP Grant $50,000 11/17/16
Van Buren, College and Career Rediness Van Buren Local School District LGIP Grant $45,000 11/17/16
Forming a Joint Fire District for Efficiency Liberty Township LGIP Grant $50,000 11/17/16
Ottawa GIS Consortium Ottawa County Auditor LGIP Grant $50,000 11/17/16
Shared Village Safety Services Facility Village of Forest LGIP Grant $50,000 11/17/16
Hamilton County Fleet Improvement Project Hamilton County LGIP Grant $45,000 11/17/16
Portage County Public Information and Branding Project Portage County Board of Commissioners LGIP Grant $50,000 11/17/16
Perry County Home Farm New Lexington City School District LGIP Grant $50,000 11/17/16
Dillonvale City Building Roof Replacement Project Village of Dillonvale LGIP Loan $180,000 11/17/16
Somerset Innovation Gateway Loan Village of Somerset LGIP Loan $200,000 11/17/16
Bethesda/Belmont Shared Street Cleaner Village of Bethesda LGIP Loan $139,961 11/17/16
Improving Compliance with School Immunization Requirements Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County (PHDMC) LGEP Grant $100,000 11/17/16
Streamline Cross Department Processes Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department LGEP Grant $16,823 11/17/16
Records Storage and Retrieval City of Trotwood LGEP Grant $60,750 11/17/16
Development Process Redesign Licking County Planning & Development Department LGEP Grant $56,100 11/17/16
Mapping, Analyzing, and Redesign of Processes to Improve Customer Service Troy-Miami County Public Library LGEP Grant $32,400 11/17/16
Improving the Citizen Complaint Process in Environmental Health Summit County Combined General Health District LGEP Grant $33,900 11/17/16
Improvement of the Medina County Health Center (MCHC) Intake Process Medina County Combined General Health District LGEP Grant $44,950 11/17/16
HCC - E-Rate Process Improvement Hamilton Clermont Cooperative Association LGEP Grant $37,500 11/17/16
New Employee Orientation The Mahoning County District Board of Health LGEP Grant $33,600 11/17/16