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Local Government Innovation Fund (LGIF) Round 11

Program Control Number Grant or Loan Lead Applicant Project Name Award Amount
LGIP G11‐1710 Grant Dublin City Schools Dublin Schools Post‐Secondary
Education & Employment Program
LGIP G11‐1744 Grant Buckeye Hills‐Hocking Valley Regional Development District Small Community Wastewater
Collection and Treatment System Research
LGIP G11‐1552 Grant North Central Ohio Regional
Council of Governments
GIS Partners Project $50,000
LGIP G11‐1551 Loan North Central Ohio ESC Joint Justice Center $500,000
LGEP G11‐1490 Grant Logan County Health District Logan County Health District
Travel Reduction Process
LGEP G11‐1620 Grant City of Monroe Maintenance Work Order Process $50,000
LGEP G11‐1680 Grant City of Cleveland, Department of
Port Control
Cleveland Airport System
LGEP G11‐1522 Grant Dublin City Schools Dublin City Schools Copier and
Print Services
LGEP G11‐1740 Grant Warren County ESC Improvement of Invoicing Process $26,400
LGEP G11‐1726 Grant Greene County Combined Health District Local Government Disease
Outbreak Reporting and Management Improvement
LGEP G11‐1730 Grant Muskingum Area Mental Health & Recovery Services Board Improve the MHRSB Fiscal Flows $16,526