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Local Government Innovation Program (LGIP)

For assistance with LGIF grants and loans, contact

Julia Hinten
Local Government Innovation Fund Program Manager
Office of Strategic Business Investments, Business Services Division
(614) 728-4878

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The Local Government Innovation Program (LGIP) offers communities financial assistance for planning and implementing projects to create more efficient and effective service delivery. Projects are expected to facilitate improved business environments and promote community attraction with their plan for efficiency, collaboration, or shared services. Communities will be able to save money and provide more effective services to their constituents with assistance from this program.

The Local Government Innovation Program has the following funds available to promote shared services and collaboration:

Feasibility Studies (Grant):

  • Up to $50,000 in grant funds per study.
  • 2 year project period
  • Competitive application

Demonstration Projects (Loan):

  • Up to $100,000 in loan assistance per entity, and up to $500,000 for collaborative demonstration projects (Limited to $100,000 per applicant and $100,000 for each collaborative partner up to $500,000).
  • 2 year project period
  • Competitive application

For Whom

Qualifying political subdivisions are eligible to apply for funding.  A “qualifying political subdivision” means a municipal corporation, township, county, school district, or other body corporate and politic responsible for governmental activities in a geographic area smaller than that of the state. The complete definition of political subdivision can be found in Ohio Revised Code Section 2744.01(F).