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Economic Development Loan and Public Infrastructure Grant Program

The Economic Development Loan and Public Infrastructure Grant Program creates and retains permanent, private-sector jobs, principally for low- and moderate-income persons, through the expansion and retention of business and industry in Ohio communities.

Funds are granted to local government applicants for both economic development loan and public infrastructure projects. Public off-site infrastructure funds are retained as a grant by the local government. In the case of a loan, the local government grantee loans the funds to the beneficiary business for fixed asset financing projects and the funds are repaid to the local government Revolving Loan Fund.

Eligible activities include provision of financial assistance, through eligible units of general local government, for public off-site infrastructure improvements and fixed asset financing for land, building, machinery and site preparation directly and primarily related to the creation, expansion or retention of a particular business that results in job creation and retention for persons of low- and moderate-income.

In addition, job training is an eligible CDBG Economic Development Program activity. The State may provide applicants additional Economic Development Program funds, up to $50,000, to provide training for low- and moderate-income individuals whose positions were created or retained by the recipient business.

Non-entitlement cities and counties are eligible to apply for this program. Counties must apply on behalf of villages and townships; counties may also apply on behalf of cities within their jurisdiction. In consideration of an applicant’s administrative capacity or existence of an established Revolving Loan Fund, the Office of Community Development maintains the right to require counties to apply on behalf of cities when appropriate.

Pre-applications must be submitted to the Office of Community Development prior to submitting a full application for CDBG Economic Development Program assistance. Applicants will be notified and provided instructions for completing an application in OCEAN after the pre-application is reviewed.