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Appalachian Community Grant Program

Marietta,Ohio overlooking the river and city buildings


This $500 million program provides planning and development grants for communities located in Ohio’s 32-county Appalachian region. Program funds are provided by Ohio’s designation of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) dollars. The program is administered by the Governor’s Office of Appalachia within the Ohio Department of Development. Projects should be designed to bring about transformational change and be a catalyst for future development by providing generational investments in the Appalachian region. 

Eligible Projects

Appalachian plans and implementation projects must include components from three funding priorities:

  • Infrastructure; such as main street or downtown redevelopment, improvements to multi-community connecting trails, significant outdoor community space, links to community arts, history and culture, access to telemedicine.
  • Workforce; such as public-private partnerships designed to build and coordinate technical, educational, clinical and workforce infrastructure.
  • Healthcare; such as investments in school or community-based services to address children’s physical and behavioral health needs or plans to address substance use disorder.

Eligible Applicants

Entities must be exclusively within the 32-county Ohio Appalachian region. Local units of government and government-related entities are eligible to serve as Lead Applicants for a project. Educational institutions and nonprofits are also Eligible Lead Applicants. Additional details can be found the program guidelines.

Appalachian Planning Grants

Appalachian planning funding will be utilized through two ways: one round of Appalachian Technical Assistance Grants and community planners. A total of $30 million dollars of funding will be available at the ODOD’s Director’s discretion based on the demand of the program, with $8 million dedicated to the Appalachian Technical Assistance Grants.

  • Appalachian Technical Assistance Grants: $250,000 per county

These grants will be available for each county to assist Eligible Lead Applicants with technical assistance costs associated with the planning and design of eligible development projects, and/or coordination with the procured planners.

Appalachian Development Grants

Funding for Appalachian Development Grants will be available through multiple application rounds as needed until all funds have been awarded.

  • Round 1: Up to $50 million will be available in the first round for eligible regional projects that have partners in place and can begin implementation within 90 days of receipt of funds. 
  • There is no cap on Appalachian Development Grants, but program activities must total at least $1 million or more to be eligible for consideration.
  • Awarded Appalachian Development Grant projects must be complete by October 31, 2026. 

How to Apply

Applicants are encouraged to work with their Local Development District and ODOD procured planners to compile and complete their applications. Find your Local Development District here.

Applicants can utilize a network of resources to support the development of their project. Please see program guidelines for details.

Round 2 Development Applications will open November 2023.

Round 1

Technical Assistance Grant Application Opened – November 2, 2022
  Application Closed – December 9, 2022
  Announce First Round Awards – Early 2023
Development Grant Application Opened – November 2, 2022
  Application Closed – December 9, 2022
  Announce First Round Awards – Early 2023

Round 2

Development Grant Application Open – November 2023
  Application Deadline – December 2023
  Announce First Round Awards – Early 2024