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Funding of the third year of the Clean Ohio Conservation Program is dependent upon the appropriation of funds in the up-coming Capital Budget for Fiscal Years 05- 06.

The Capital Budget bill, which will include appropriation authority for all State capital expenditures, is expected to be introduced sometime in 2004, however the specific timing is unclear.

By law, when approved by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor, capital appropriations must hold over for 90 days before becoming effective.

Therefore funds for program year three Clean Ohio Conservation Program projects will be available between July 2004 and March 2005, depending upon the timing of the General Assembly's consideration and passage of the Capital Bill.

District Natural Resources Assistance Councils will be notified by the Commission when the date and availability of funds has been determined.

As in the past, Natural Resource Assistance Councils will be required to allow a minimum of sixty days from the Commission's approval of their respective project selection methodology to accept applications.

Natural Resources Assistance Councils who chose to move forward in accepting applications prior to the Commission's availability of funds notification should carefully consider acquisition projects which may be time sensitive to the availability of funds.

Natural Resources Assistance Councils may up-date their project selection methodology at any time and submit it for review and approval by the Commission. Councils who elect to retain the project selection methodology utilized in year two should notify the Commission accordingly.

Released: December 24, 2003
Status: Ongoing
Distribution: Natural Resources Assistance Council Chairs & Liaisons, Interested Parties

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