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House Bill 699 - Capital Budget: The General Assembly has passed and the Governor has signed, House Bill 699, the State's Capital Budget Bill. This legislation included administrative changes impacting the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund.

More specifically, the legislation revised the total principal amount of obligations that may be issued for purposes of the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund, the Clean Ohio Agricultural Easement Fund, and the Clean Ohio Trail Fund. This was accomplished by amending Ohio Revised Code Section 151.09(B)(1) to read "Not more than two hundred million dollars principal amount of obligations issued under this section for conservation purposes may be outstanding at any one time." The previous language capped the principal amount of obligations that could be issued versus the new which limits the amount of obligations that can be outstanding at two hundred million. Identical changes were made in the statute governing the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund.

This language change effectively allows the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund's outstanding debt to revolve, thereby allowing the state an on-going option to appropriate up to the two hundred million dollar ceiling. The Ohio Public Works Commission is estimating this amount to be around seventy percent of the current allocation, assuming the General Assembly appropriates once per Capital Biennium.

While H.B. 699 made these administrative changes, it did not make an appropriation as the Round 4 appropriation had already been included in House Bill 530, the States Capital Reappropriations Bill. The next opportunity to request an appropriation will be in Fiscal Year 2009 which begins on July 1, 2008.

The Ohio Public Works Commission is requesting the District Public Works Integrating Committees to continue making appointments to the Natural Resources Assistance Councils in the event amendments need to be addressed and in anticipation of a potential Round 5 some time after July 1, 2008.

Released: February 8, 2007
Status: Informational
Distribution: Natural Resources Assistance Council Chairs & Liaisons,
District Integrating Committee Chairs & Liaisons, Interested Parties

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