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House Bill 385 - Corrective Language for Clean Ohio Program: The legislature has passed, and sent to the Governor for signature, Sub. House Bill 385 which makes several administrative and procedural changes to the Clean Ohio Program.

These changes affect both the "brownfield" and "greenfield" components of the Clean Ohio Program. The full text of the bill is available on the Commission's web site (or directly at: )

The Bill contains two programmatic changes to the Clean Ohio Conservation Program:

  • Removes language to emphasize "The inclusion of pedestrian or bicycle linkages to other open space preserves and population centers" from the criteria Natural Resources Assistance Councils are to use in selecting priority projects.

  • Eliminates the requirement that a park district or other similar park authority obtain approval for a proposed project from affected local governments in order to submit an application for Clean Ohio Conservation funds, and instead requires that those applicants consult with the local governments.

From a practical standpoint these changes simplify the application process for park districts and clarify the distinction between the Clean Ohio Conservation Program and the Clean Ohio Trail Program.

Generally, projects which are eligible for Clean Ohio Trail Program funding are not eligible under the Clean Ohio Conservation Program, however trails which provide access to, or public use of lands acquired through the Clean Ohio Conservation Program are eligible project elements.

Additionally, the bill removes the requirement for Controlling Board approval of projects which will allow the Commission to release projects in a more timely manner.

Released: February 1, 2002
Status: Ongoing
Distribution: Interested parties.

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