Ohio Development Services Agency

Census 2020

  • We're hiring. Apply Now. Work in your own community.
  • Census is Safe, Easy, and Important!
  • An accurate census count helps bring funding to your community. Click here to learn more.
  • Roads, schools, and education for your community are based on census data. Click here to learn more.
  • Updating your census information gives your community a voice in the federal government.

Earn extra income while helping your community

The United States Census Bureau is hiring! You can apply for a part-time census job NOW, before the Ohio regional offices opens in 2019.  The Census Bureau is hiring for a variety of temporary jobs across the state. These jobs include census takers, recruiting assistance, office staff and more. Pay rates in Ohio range from $14.50 to $18.00 an hour. The regional offices will be located in Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Ashland, South Point, Cincinnati, and Dayton.

Regional census positions are key to ensuring an accurate census count in 2020. Earn extra income, and help ensure that everyone in your community is counted by applying for a temporary census job here.

Your Census Information Will Be Secure

The Census 2020 is the first census count to be held entirely online! Each household will receive a card in the mail that contains a password for all census forms, and everyone is encouraged to submit their information through the census website.  This allows each household to submit their essential census information with just a few clicks.  This website is secure, and only authorized personnel can access information. Data obtained through the Census 2020 count won't be released to the public for 72 years. 


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