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Ohio Tech Internship

Contact Information

Nic Turner
Program Manager
(614) 644-9160

Key Dates

  • Currently accepting applications for Spring and Summer semesters, 2016

The Ohio Tech Internship (OTI) connects motivated college students with internship opportunities in early stage technology companies across Ohio. The program provides eligible businesses with up to $10,000 to support each internship position, and assists in identifying potential intern candidates.

Program Goals

  • Increase the interest of underserved minority and rural student populations in entrepreneurship through education and internship opportunities.
  • Provide early stage technology companies with talent to help them grow and prosper.
  • Foster a greater connection between Ohio's higher education system and its entrepreneurial technology economy.


View information and applications below.


  • Up to $10,000 in intern wage reimbursement, requiring a $5,000 company match, for qualified early stage technology companies.
  • Assistance with up to three internships per year.
  • Assistance recruiting and selecting intern candidates.


Eligible companies must have the following, as determined by Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA)

1. (a) A primary business focus in one of the following areas:

    • Software/Information Technology
    • Biomedical/Life Sciences
    • Advanced Materials
    • SensorsEnergy
    • Advanced Manufacturing

Or, a novel use of technology in such a way that it creates differentiation and a competitive advantage

2. 7 or less years of operating history
3. Between 4–75 full-time-equivalent (FTE) employees for companies that have not received outside professional investment, and between 0–75 FTE employees for companies that have received outside professional investment
4. Primary operations in Ohio.

Company Application

Interested companies, click here to apply


For information on the process and timeframe, click here to view the Program Timeline.

Additional Information

For additional information, please review the Program Guidelines, sample Grant Agreement and Reimbursement Guidelines.


  • Valuable work experience in an innovative, early stage technology company.
  • A competitive wage – all internships are paid, though hourly pay varies by company and role.


  • Eligible students may come from any field of study at any level of higher education.

Student Application

Interested students, click here to apply


  1. Complete the Student Application (link above). You will be asked questions about your skillset, availability and enrollment status.
  2. Allow ODSA staff to match you with potential companies.
  3. Complete interviews with and respond to questions from potential companies.
  4. Proceed with internship.
  5. Conclude internship and complete Student Survey (sent at conclusion of internship).

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