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Ohio Shared Services/Vendor Number Registration

Required Forms

Vendors can contact OSS with any questions at (877) 644-6771, (614) 338-4781 or by clicking here.

In order to receive reimbursement payments through the Ohio Incumbent Worker Training Voucher Program, employers must have an established Vendor ID Number with the State of Ohio. Employers who do not have a Vendor ID Number should visit the Ohio Shared Services (OSS) website at and follow these steps to register:

  • Click on "Vendor" (link on the left, third picture down). This will direct employers to information about OSS.
  • Click on "Vendor Forms" (button to the right, golden colored, rectangle box). This will direct employers to the required forms for providing information to OSS.
  • Under the heading "Ohio Shared Services Vendor Forms, Click on "Dear State of Ohio Potential Vendor Letter". This letter directs the employer to complete three forms in order to register as a vendor to do business with the State of Ohio and thus receive a Vendor ID Number.