Boards and Advisory Committees


The Home Weatherization Assistance Program Policy Advisory Council is responsible for advising the appropriate official or agency administering the allocation of financial assistance in the State or area with respect to the development and implementation of a weatherization assistance program. Program link.

The Local Government Innovation Council establishes criteria for and makes loans and awards to political subdivisions for local government innovation projects and takes such other actions, in consultation with the department of development, as necessary to implement the Local Government Innovation Program established in section 189.02 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Council awards loans to a qualified political subdivision or a qualified group of political subdivisions to be used for the purchase of equipment, facilities, or systems or for implementation costs. Program link.

The goal of the Coal Development Office is to enhance the use of Ohio coal in an environmentally acceptable, cost effective manner. The Technical Advisory Committee assists and advises the Ohio Coal Development Office to help achieve this goal.  Specifically, the Committee makes recommendations concerning the direction of the office, helps to establish criteria used to select coal research and development projects, and reviews projects that are received by the office for funding. Program link.

The Ohio Housing Trust Fund is a flexible state funding source that provides affordable housing opportunities, expands housing services, and improves housing conditions for low-income Ohioans. The Fund supports a wide range of housing activities including housing development, emergency home repair, handicapped accessibility modifications, and services related to housing and homelessness.

The Fund is targeted to those who need help the most: low-income working Ohioans. A broad range of organizations are eligible to apply for money from the Ohio Housing Trust Fund including local governments, housing authorities, nonprofit organizations, private developers and private lenders. Click here for the OHTF Advisory Committee 2016 roster. Program link.

In addition to the Ohio Third Frontier Commission, there is a 16-member Ohio Third Frontier Advisory Board created to provide guidance to the Ohio Third Frontier Commission. The members of the Board represent leaders from industry, academia, and government, who advise on strategic planning, and general management and coordination of programs associated with the Ohio Third Frontier.

Created in 2002, the Ohio Third Frontier is an unprecedented commitment to create new technology-based products, companies, industries, and jobs. The $2.1 billion initiative provides funding for open innovation, entrepreneurial support, value chain development, and expansion of a skilled talent pool that can support technology-based economic growth.

The Ohio Third Frontier is administered by an eleven-member Ohio Third Frontier Commission. Legislatively, the Commission is comprised of state officials and regional representatives appointed by the Governor. The Commission is responsible for the allocation of funds appropriated by the Ohio General Assembly to support programs and activities associated with the Ohio Third Frontier.

The Ohio Capital Fund, a fund of funds, was established by the State of Ohio to help increase private investment in Ohio companies in the seed or early stage of business development. The Ohio Capital Fund is actively making commitments to venture capital funds and through these commitments, the Ohio Capital Fund acts as a catalyst to promote venture capital investment in promising Ohio companies.

The Ohio Capital Fund is administered by the three-member Ohio Venture Capital Authority. Legislatively, the Authority is comprised of three members appointed by the Governor and is responsible for the oversight of the Ohio Capital Fund and its related infrastructure.

The Public Benefits Advisory Board ensures energy services are provided to low-income consumers in Ohio in an affordable manner consistent with the policy specified in section 4928.02 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The duties of the Public Benefits Advisory Board (PBAB) are as follows: to advise the director of development in the administration of the universal service fund and the low-income customer assistance programs and advise the director of the director's recommendation to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) regarding the appropriate level of the universal service rider; and to advise the director of development on the administration of the advanced energy program and the advanced energy fund under sections 4928.61 to 4928.63 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Minority Development Financing Advisory Board (MDFAB) assists the Development Services Agency in creating employment opportunities and wealth in the minority business community. The Minority Development Financing Advisory Board does this by reviewing and making recommendations on loans and surety bond requests. The Minority Development Financing Advisory Board consists of ten members, seven appointed by the governor, one member appointed by the President of the Senate, and one member appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Director of the Development Services Agency is a voting member. Members are selected because of their knowledge of business, commercial financing and their understanding of the problems of minority business enterprises.

The Ohio Minority Business Advisory Council (OMBAC) was established by executive order to advise and assist the Directors of the Ohio Development Services Agency and Department of Administrative Services in matters affecting the economic vitality of Ohio’s minority business community. The Council members include statewide business and community leaders who hail from both the private and public sector. The Council consists of not more than forty members appointed by the governor with the exception of one member appointed by the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, one member appointed by the President of the Ohio Senate, one member appointed by the Minority Leader of the Ohio Senate and one member appointed by the Minority Leader of the Ohio House of Representatives. The Directors of the Ohio Development Services Agency and the Ohio Department of Administrative Services also serve on the Council. The Minority Business Council is an advocate for Ohio’s minority businesses and is committed to developing the increasing number of minority-owned firms in Ohio, and ensuring that these companies see revenue growth and long-term success.

The Ohio Tax Credit Authority is a five-member independent board consisting of taxation and economic development professionals from throughout the state. The Authority is charged with reviewing and approving applications for tax credit assistance. In addition, the Authority and its compliment of staff provided by the Ohio Development Services Agency (DSA) have oversight responsibilities that include annual monitoring and reporting the progress of approved tax credit projects.

The Authority meeting dates are generally the last Monday of every month, but for the November/December meeting which occurs the first Monday of December.

The TourismOhio Advisory Board provides guidance to the director of the Ohio Development Services Agency and the Chief of the Office of TourismOhio on strategies to promote travel experiences and destinations in the state. The board, which consists of nine members, includes industry and marketing experts dedicated to stimulating Ohio's growing tourism industry, increasing the impact on the Ohio economy.