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Customer Service Standards

Pursuant to the requirements set forth in ORC. 121.91(A), the Department of Development maintains the customer service standards outlined below. 

Focus On Customer Assistance

The Department of Development assists Ohio’s people, communities, and businesses.  We handle internal and external customers with care and respect. Development seeks opportunities to help Ohioans and take action, when appropriate, by swiftly responding to their concern or request.  

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.

Telephone communication, electronic mail, hard copy mail, and voicemail correspondence are managed and responded to as soon as feasible; however, some requests require time to gather information before we reply to the inquirer.  Department of Development employees’ interactions with customers are conducted in a professional and polite manner, even if the customer is not extending us the same courtesy.

All correspondence sent from the Department of Development is to be professional, thorough, and accurate. 


At the Department of Development, professionalism is taken seriously and is regarded as one of mutual respect among managers, employees, contractors, internal clients, and external customers.    Development employees work together to create and maintain a work environment that is respectful, professional, and free from any inappropriate workplace behavior. We achieve this through clear communication, clearly defined policies, positive interactions, and employee accountability.  We are relied upon to be professional and results-focused, as well as ethically minded.  We work as a team and our effectiveness is measured by our leaders and the citizens of Ohio.

Working As A Team

We come together to serve our customers, create solutions for Ohioans, and resolve any differences that we may have, in order to speak with one voice.  We value the importance of information sharing and clear communication. We cooperate within our teams and collaborate with governmental agencies and community organizations to provide valuable resources.

Employee Accountability

Employees' customer service competency is measured through their annual performance evaluation, in accordance with the Department of Development’s Performance Evaluation Policy.