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Community Reinvestment Area Contact Information

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Zone No: 049-32592-03
ZoneName: Community Reinvestment Area 2-City of Grove City
Date Certified: 2/3/1986
Amended: Amended 3/7/88 by Ord. No. C-7-88: Expanded boundaries of CRA Amended 9/8/92 by Ord. No. C-77-92: Expanded boundaries of CRA Amended 3/15/93 by Ord. No. C-19-93: Expanded boundaries of CRA Amended 9/3/96 by Ord. No. C-68-96: Exapnded boundaries of CRA Amended 11/3/03 by Ord. No. C-99-03: Modified boundaries of CRA
First Name: Richard
Last Name: Stage
Title: Mayor
Organization: City of Grove City
Address: 4035 Broadway
City: Grove City
State: OH
ZIP: 43123
Phone: (614) 277-3000
FAX: (614) 277-3066
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