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Local Government Innovation Fund (LGIF)

For assistance with LGIF grants and loans, contact

Julia Hinten
Local Government Innovation Fund Program Manager
Office of Strategic Business Investments, Business Services Division
(614) 728-4878

For assistance with LGEP scholarships, contact

Kira Moore
Business Services Specialist Office of Strategic Business Investments Business Services Division
(614) 466-0262

"LeanOhio Boot Camp: Transforming the Public Sector" training courses

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Council meeting dates

  • The next Council meeting is scheduled for December 3, 2015 at 10 a.m. in the Vern Riffe Center. The Council will be considering Round 15 applications for funding at this meeting.  

Next application round

  • Thank you for your interest in the Local Government Innovation Fund grant and loan programs. At this time we are not accepting applications. Please check back periodically for an updated schedule for application submissions.


The Local Government Innovation Fund (LGIF) offers communities financial assistance to create more efficient and effective service delivery. Projects are expected to facilitate improved business environments and promote community attraction with their plan for efficiency, collaboration, or shared services. Communities will be able to save money and provide more effective services to their constituents with assistance from this program. Applications for grants and loans will be accepted quarterly. Applications for scholarships will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Local Government Innovation Program

The Local Government Innovation Program has the following funds available to promote shared services and reduced cost:

  • Feasibility Studies: Up to $50,000 in grant funds per study.
  • Demonstration Projects: Up to $100,000 in loan assistance per entity, and up to $500,000 for collaborative demonstration projects (Limited to $100,000 per applicant and $100,000 for each collaborative partner up to $500,000).

Local Government Efficiency Program

The Local Government Efficiency Program is the newest program to be funded through the Local Government Innovation Fund. The LGEP has the following funds available:

  • Process Improvement Grants: Up to $100,000 in grant funding for local governments to learn and use Lean Six Sigma to improve processes and make services simpler, faster, better and less costly. Projects should be focused on improving an identified process to make it faster, better or less costly.
    • For projects, a list of interested consultants who have experience providing this training can be found on the left under 'Application Materials'. If you are a consultant with experience doing Lean Six Sigma in the public sector, fill out this form to be added to the list of interested consultants.
  • Scholarships: $2,000 scholarships for local government or other political subdivision leaders or staff to attend the one-week LeanOhio Boot Camp training course. The course has been developed by LeanOhio and will be available through local colleges, universities and other certified partners. Scholarship money will only pay for the standardized LeanOhio Boot Camp training course.
    • Approved training courses can be found on the right under 'Upcoming LeanOhio Boot Camp training courses'.

The Development Services Agency is partnering with the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to develop and manage this new program. DAS, through its LeanOhio team, has already begun to work with organizations around the state to improve their processes in order to save time and money.