Brownfield Revitalization

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The Clean Ohio Brownfield Revitalization Fund programs have leveraged over $10.00 of investment per grant dollar through the redevelopment of over 380 former commercial and industrial properties. The programs provide grants to address environmental obstacles and remove blighting influences, creating more than 3,800 acres of clean development ready land. Click here for a program snapshot.

The Clean Ohio Revitalization or Assistance Fund provide grant money for various activities, including Asbestos Surveys, Phase II Environmental Assessments, demolition, removal of contaminated soil and groundwater, and a host of other remediation strategies. Ultimately, by meeting the standards set forth in the Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP), a property can earn a No Further Action (NFA) letter prepared by a Certified Professional. This letter will be reviewed by the Ohio EPA, who issues a Covenant Not to Sue (CNS) for the property, giving economic interests the confidence to develop.

If you have a project and would like to discuss funding opportunities please contact the JobsOhio Network Partner for your area.

Want to know more about how the Clean Ohio Revitalization and Assistance Fund can assist with brownfield projects? Click here

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