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The following programs are currently available through the Ohio Third Frontier in CY 2014

The Ohio Third Frontier supports a comprehensive portfolio of program activities.


Accepting Applications Entrepreneurial Signature Program (ESP) to establish robust networks of entrepreneurial services and capital within six geographies to accelerate the growth of early-stage Ohio technology companies.

Open Innovation Incentive (OII) to assist Ohio middle market companies that are new to Open Innovation, leading to an accelerated time to market of Ohio technology products, processes, or services, and increasing national and global competitiveness of Ohio industry.


Accepting Applications Technology Validation and Start-up Fund to create greater economic growth in Ohio based on start-up companies that commercialize technologies developed by Ohio research institutions.

Capital and Talent

Pre-Seed Fund Capitalization Program (PFCP) to increase the availability of professionally managed capital and associated services to accelerate the growth of early-stage Ohio technology companies.

NEW! Pre-Screening Companies Commercial Acceleration Loan Fund (CALF) to support Ohio for-profit companies addressing the technical and cost barriers to commercialization in Ohio of high-tech products and processes.