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Commercialization Framework – Filling Functional Gaps

Consistent with the strategic goals, Ohio Third Frontier investments represent a balanced portfolio of programming that proactively identifies opportunities throughout the Technology Commercialization Framework.

Adopted early in the life of Ohio Third Frontier, the Framework is a commonly accepted model and language for representing how a technology moves from the laboratory through various stages of commercialization and into the marketplace. The Framework facilitates strategic and program planning, communication of expectations to program applicants and award recipients, and in the development of meaningful metrics.

The ultimate utility of the Framework is in understanding the real world market gaps that hinder the commercialization process for companies and industries in Ohio. Historically, new technologies and companies are most at risk in the incubating and demonstrating phases of the Framework, commonly called the "Valley of Death." Therefore, a significant portion of Ohio Third Frontier resources has gone to programs that directly address those stages.