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Created in 2002, the Ohio Third Frontier is an unprecedented commitment to create new technology-based products, companies, industries and jobs. In May 2010, the Ohio Third Frontier was extended through 2015 indicating a widely held understanding that technology and innovation will lead to economic prosperity both today and for future generations.

Today, the Ohio Third Frontier is innovation creating opportunity. The $2.1 billion initiative's strategic intent is to create an "innovation ecosystem" that supports the efficient and seamless transition of great ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace.

The Ohio Third Frontier is successfully building an innovation economy with a commitment to:

  • Produce a high level of economic return for the state in quality jobs, company growth, and wealth creation
  • Attract companies, talent, and capital to Ohio
  • Create sustainable engines of economic development activity in key areas of technology and industry strengths
  • Reduce the risk of pursuing entrepreneurial, innovation, and development activities in Ohio
  • Sustain best practices and relationships that lead to efficient commercialization
  • Increase the visibility and reputation of Ohio as an innovation and entrepreneurial destination These combined attributes make Ohio a unique location for technology companies, entrepreneurs and investors to grow and prosper – come be part of it!