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Ohio Appalachia Export Grant (AEG)


The Ohio Appalachia Export Grant (AEG) is funded by the Ohio Development Services Agency in partnership with the Appalachian Regional Commission. The grant offers financial assistance for small businesses located in the Appalachian region to promote their products and services in international markets by attending domestic and international trade shows. The grant will provide a 50 percent reimbursement up to $3,000 per fiscal year for qualifying activities. The Minimum AEG reimbursement amount is $500 (50 percent on expenditures of $1,000).

All eligible activities must be completed by September 30, 2015.

Company Eligibility

  • Company operates a licensed business in Appalachian Ohio to manufacture, assemble and/or distribute a product or provide an exportable service. Click here to see a map of the Ohio Appalachian region.
  • Company certifies that the products to be promoted contain a majority of U.S. content. U.S. content is valued at export-works price minus the aggregate value contributed by foreign suppliers, including labor and material.
  • Company has identified qualifying and achievable export activities or initiatives requiring financial support.
  • Company asserts that it meets the requirements of the Table of Small Business Size Standards set forth by the Small Business Association.
  • Company has been in business for no less than the one-year period ending on the date on which assistance is provided under the AEG program.
  • Company is operating profitably, based on operations in the United States from the firm's most recently completed fiscal year.
  • Company has taken the Export Questionnaire and achieved a score of at least 66, thus demonstrating an understanding of the costs associated with exporting and doing business with foreign purchasers, including the costs of freight forwarding, customs brokers and packing and shipping.
  • Company has  a strategic plan for exporting in place.
  • Company attests that it shall not knowingly enter into any transactions with a person in the Excluded Parties List System.
  • Eligible activities must be executed by direct employees of the company.
  • Nonprofits are not eligible.

Eligible Activities

All eligible activities must be completed by September 30, 2015 in order to qualify for reimbursement. Please refer to the following list to determine activity eligibility:  

  • Booth space rental and construction.
  • Freight costs to ship booth and materials.
  • Trade show registration and booth fees.
  • International advertisement associated with the promotion of a trade show. This may include translation costs for marking materials to promote trade show participation.
  • Travel expenses are not eligible. Click here for a complete list of ineligible expenses.

How to apply

The Ohio Appalachia Export Grant is no longer accepting applications.

  • Grant applications must be pre-approved prior to commencement of activities.
  • Grant awards are administered on a first-come, first-served basis and are contingent upon availability of funds.
  • Grant awards will be based on the overall quality of the export-related activity, as determined by the Ohio Development Services Agency.
  • Grantees will not be compensated for activities also receiving funding through other sources (e.g., Ohio International Market Access Grant (IMAGE), Food Export Association).
  • Grantees must be in good standing with all state of Ohio agencies, including the Department of Taxation .

Reimbursement Requirements